take. is a Detroit-based media company with a modern approach to growing relationships amongst brands, issues and audiences.


take. operates a network of hyper-local websites that cover local news, arts & culture. 


You don’t need permission embodies our approach to production and distribution. Tools such as the internet, and even iphones, have leveled the playing field for independent organizations to create compelling content shared and appreciated by huge audiences.

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Take Detroit is a hyper-local website that creates original content that connects a local and national audience to Detroit events, news, arts & culture. Take Detroit is a social-first brand which means we create content tailored for social media.

The Michigan Exchange is the companion site to Take Detroit. TMX  works with local businesses to increase build viewership and maximize lead generation efforts through marketing and promotion.

WHERE is an original video series exploring Detroit neighborhoods, their intricacies  and the residents that add life to these communities. The series was conceived as a way to share a unique vantage point of what living in them is like.